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The Aras Community Events (ACE) Innovation Series provides today's business leaders with information, insight and tools to optimize business practices and achieve strategic objectives in rapidly changing, highly competitive global markets. The Innovation Series program features a cross-section of corporate leaders, subject matter experts, and hands-on users, and offers insight into Executive Strategy, Corporate Benchmarking and Industry Practices, as well as, Global Perspectives for the planning, implementation and expansion of Product Lifecycle Management and related technologies.

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INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Migrate to Modernize: ENOVIA to Aras

Language: English
Speakers: David Sherburne and Marc Young
If your ENOVIA PDM / PLM system isn't measuring up, you've got 2 options: Rip & replace or keep what works and build on top. In this on-demand Webcast you'll find out how Carestream Health, a $2.5 billion dollar company with R&D and manufacturing facilities around the world, addressed this challenge and get real-world advice for your legacy PLM migration / integration from xLM Solutions.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Migrate to Modernize Boeing Insitu Reset PLM & You Can Too

Language: English
Speakers: Pam Schwandtner and Graham McCall
Eleven months into its PLM implementation, Boeing Insitu business found itself almost a year behind schedule and severely over budget. In this webcast you'll hear first-hand how they regrouped and made PLM a success - in less than 60 days - and you'll gain real-world best practices for implementing PLM. When your PLM initiative isn't measuring up, you've got 2 options: rip & replace or keep what works and build on top. In this part of the webcast you'll learn from AESSiS which option to choose and how to proceed if you run Teamcenter.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Customizing Enterprise Change Management

Language: English
Speakers: Rob McAveney and Marc Lind
As global product development processes become increasingly complex, you’ve got to manage a very sophisticated change management process across electro-mechanical assemblies, product information and system configurations. And you need to be able to quickly and continuously customize your change process to keep pace and maintain your competitive advantage.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Product Change Management: Know Your Options

Language: English
Speakers: Patrick Willemsen and Marc Lind
As the pace of global product development increases, you’ve got to manage ever greater change complexity. Fortunately, Aras has a series of change management options available right out of the box. From a simple ECO process that’s ready-to-use to full CMII compliant PR/ECR/ECN workflows with sophisticated impact analysis.

EXECUTIVE STRATEGY: Aras Update - What’s New & What’s Ahead

Language: English
Speakers: Marc Lind and Rob McAveney
Hot off the stage from ACE 2013, we invite you to join us for The Aras Innovator Update webcast. Aras’s Rob McAveney walks you through all the latest Aras releases and lays out the upcoming Roadmap showing you all the ways Aras is helping you DO MORE.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Top 10 Reasons Why Multi-CAD File Management Fails

Language: English
Speakers: Fred Keith and John Sperling
It’s no secret that despite good intentions, best efforts and lots of hard work, most multi-CAD file management systems don’t deliver. In this Webcast, we dig into the leading causes of failure, and offer practical solutions for achieving multi-CAD success.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Latest Open Release: What’s New in Aras Innovator

Language: English
Speaker: Rob McAveney

Our latest open release is a broad series of new innovations that include numerous corporate community contributions. Join us for this informative Webcast and learn about the newest capabilities and latest enhancements to Aras Innovator, and find out why Aras is the future of PLM software.

INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Aras PLM Platform: Technology Vision and Roadmap

Language: English
Speaker: Rob McAveney

Discover what sets Aras apart of from traditional PLM / PDM products and find out about our vision & roadmap and what we’re doing today to help you transform your business, standardize global processes and prepare for a dynamic future.

EXECUTIVE STRATEGY: Transforming PLM for the Economic Recovery

Language: English
Speakers: Chip Perry and Jim Brown

The global recession and slow pace of recovery have created a “new normal” that has changed PLM forever. Big Bang, All-At-Once is out. Smart, Flexible and Responsive is in. Learn how to transform your organization's approach to PLM to anticipate changing needs, leverage the latest technologies and thrive in a dynamic global market.

EXECUTIVE STRATEGY: Top 5 Strategic Goals of PLM

Language: English
Speakers: Andreas Lindenthal and Jim Brown

Strategy matters and goals count. Learn how to create a PLM strategy with a clear vision and defined goals that leads to improved innovation, better time to market and greater corporate profitability.

EXECUTIVE STRATEGY: Journey to Best-in-Class Product Development

Language: English
Speakers: Greg Adkins and Jim Brown

Delivering on the promise of innovation through best-in-class product development in today's environment requires truly rethinking products and processes. Learn new strategies to improve product development processes, reduce costs and get better products to market faster.