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お客様のAras導入成功事例、最新のAras エンタープライズ オープンソース PLMソリューション、ビジネスの業績について、世界のメディアに掲載されたニュースとプレスリリースをご紹介します。

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PLM Software Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering - August 2016
Aras, a provider of enterprise PLM (product lifecycle management) software, has partnered with Zuken. The collaboration will connect Zuken’s DS-2 solution for engineering data management with Aras’ PLM platform. Together, Zuken and Aras will take a new approach which better integrates MCAD and ECAD concurrent design workflows at the enterprise level for global companies with complex mechatronic environments and systems engineering requirements, the company states.
PLM Software MCAD Café
MCAD Café - August 2016
The partnership will deliver functionality that couples a domain-specific work-in-process (WIP) library and design data management system, with the enterprise PLM platform. The result will replace traditional “zip-up-the-directory” functionality with significant new capabilities that include where-used traceability for IP blocks and components, merging of design and manufacturing processes, and enhanced ECO processes.
PLM Software Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering - July 2016
After months of evaluations and hands-on testing, the team was comfortable making its bold move: Using a third-party, Azure-certified platform (in this case, Aras Innovator) as the base foundation for OnePDM and pursuing an agile development route as opposed to traditional waterfall methods. With waterfall approaches, there are long cycles spent gathering in-depth requirements, developing a solution, testing and moving into production only when the entire project is complete.

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